Chief Guest & Guest of Honour

Chief Guest-


Senior Professor and Director of the School of Computer Science at National University Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), Peru.

PhD in Computer Science from UNSA with CONCYTEC scholarship and training internship at the LMTG of the Paul Sabatier University in France. He is part of the professionalization program at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - USA) and has completed the Mastering in Innovation & Design Thinking there. His lines of research are Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and computing applied to the environment. He was Director of Information and Knowledge Management of the Research Institute INAIGEM of MINAM, where he proposed the creation of the Vision Laboratory to work with satellite images and aerial images for glacier monitoring; the Innovation Laboratory to use Artificial Intelligence in avalanche detection, use of IoT sensor networks in risk sub-basins; and the Laboratory of Social Analysis Systems, to process qualitative data from communities at risk. It proposes a conceptual model for knowledge management for the indexing of scientific articles and technical reports and launches the Geoportal, where risk assessment maps, the scope of studies and research, and the inventory of glacier ridges in 3D are displayed. The design of intelligent robots for high-risk explorations in glaciers is initiated. He was Director of Research at UNSA, creating in agreement with CONCYTEC the brand UNSA-Investiga, was also coordinator of the master's program in Computer Science funded by CIENCIACTIVA and professor at the School of Computer Science, the first accredited by ICACIT in the area; there he managed the management of canon funds and its impact on the increase of scientific production. He is currently a Senior Professor and Director of the School of Computer Science at UNMSM.

Guest of Honour-


Vice Rector of Research, Federico Villarreal National University, Peru.

The highest authority in research at the National University Federico Villarreal holds a second degree in National Development Planning from the National University of Engineering (UNI), a master’s degree in science, specializing in Urban and Regional Planning, and a doctorate in Economics from our university. Specialist in economic valuation of ecosystem services, Economic valuation of urban services, Formulation of environmental projects, Formulation of public investment projects, and Economic-social valuation of public investment projects. He has been a Villarreal ordinary professor since 1979, a professor at the University Graduate School from 2001 to 2017, dean of the Faculty of Geographical, Environmental, and Ecotourism Engineering since 2019, and was interim vice rector of research in 2016. He was an associate professor of the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Social Sciences at UNI from 1977 to 1986. He has served as advisor to the Programming and Investment Office of the District Municipality of Chanchay (2007-2012) and Antioquia (2013-2014); and, in the District Municipality of Ventanilla, manager of that office in 2006 and of the Planning and Budget Office. Likewise, he was manager of Budget and Planning of the Development Corporation of Callao from 1986 to 1989 and deputy director of the Urbanization Area of the Provincial Municipality of Callao from 1994 to 1995. He has 14 publications and more than 16 research and has been the winner of the Renacyt 2021 Contest for research teachers at the National University Federico Villarreal.

Guest of Honour-